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若人会2000回祝賀会 協賛品提供のお願い

若人会2000回祝賀会 協賛品提供のお願い







l 会社の販売促進等で使用しているグッズ類(ペン、ストラップ、定規、その他)

l 会社で提供可能な無料サンプル等

l ご自宅で不要になっている新品の品物(けっこうありますよね)


日時 9月3日(日曜日)午後6時

場所 金鑽名軒







l 男性専用 M

l 女性専用 W

l 子供のみ C

l 誰でも使える F


吉田貴文(kibun), 吉田京美, 増田由希子

The Sponsorship request for the 2,000th –anniversary Party (Goods only)

We have a continuous a hot and humid day.

Thank you for your participation in hiking of the weekend.

We will have the 2,000th –anniversary Party on 3rd Sep. We hope to gather our members, a family and friends and have a fun. We have a game the lucky draw in the party, so request you to provide us “the goods for prize” by free.

< The goods for prize> (Goods only)

l The sales promotion Goods using in the company (a pen, a strap, a ruler, etc.)

l The free samples in a company

l Unnecessary new goods in your home

<date and time>

Date & Time      3rd Sep. (Sun) PM 6:00-

Place                Golden Diamond Cuisine

Please bring it by yourselves to party venue on 3rd Sep.

If you are not attendance or difficult to bring by yourself, please contact me freely.

Packing request

Please pack in bag for making visible.

Please make “the mark” for sorting purpose.

l For Man only            “M”

l For Female only        “W”

l For Child only           “C”

l For Anyone                “F”


Takafumi Yoshida (kibun), Kyomi Yoshida, Yukiko Masuda

email :

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